Paying attention to the market and customers’ needs, we have concluded that more and more people put health first, and therefore the quality of our mattresses is high.

At the very beginning of incorporating the company, in 2008, we immediately started from the most important feature, health and healthy dreams. This follows us in each individual phase of producing our mattresses. We carefully select the materials to produce mattresses, using the best techniques of connecting individual parts. Our mattresses are handmade, and composed of natural and healthy fillings such as wool and cotton.

These are antiallergenic materials, and they maintain optimum temperature and moisture, and thusly do not favor the development of mites and bacteria. In the process of connecting individual parts, we do not use the gluing technique, but connect them only mechanically. We also take care of the airiness of mattresses, so each of our mattresses is laterally ventilated.

Emphasis on natural materials.

Our goal is a satisfied and healthy customer, and therefore we would like to present all the advantages of our mattresses. In the modern world, the trend is to put emphasis on ecological and natural products and materials with a beneficial effect on the human health. This is the guiding thought in our production, in which we do not aim at fast production processes and profit, and when filling mattresses, we do not use harmful and artificially created materials such as glue, sponge, plastic and similar. Cotton and wool do not favor the development of bacteria, they do not disintegrate easily, and their lifespan is up to 15 years.



We produce mattresses in a unique manner using natural materials, wool and cotton. In this manner, we differ on the local and foreign market with recognizable products – mattresses that are beneficial for health, following the newest world trends in production technology and retaining the tradition when it comes to materials we use.


• Trust and teamwork
• Fast delivery and respecting deadlines
• Use of traditional, natural materials in production (wool and cotton)
• Mechanical connection of individual parts
• Innovation for new ideas, products and markets
• Responsibility towards buyers, the community, and environment, manifested in non-usage of chemical agents in the production process


Our mission is continuous production of a quality product range – mattresses of all kinds and dimensions, their development and adaptation to customers’ needs. We would like to advance sustainable production of mattresses that are excellent for health. We are working on creating added value of mattresses, using new knowledge and technologies, and international quality standards. Our mission is also creating a recognizable brand on the local and foreign market.