What are the vents for?

Lateral vents enable air circulation, which guarantees optimum moisture inside the mattress, preventing the development of mites.

What is a pompon?

When connecting our mattresses we do not use glue, but we connect components mechanically, using pompons. The use of glue in the production of mattresses is unacceptable for us because of evaporation of harmful vapors that have a negative impact on health. No chemical substances are used in the entire process of mattresses production, including the production of its parts (wool and cotton).

How is a mattress made?

The creation of a mattress begins with the bonding of thermo pressed felt to the Bonell core on both sides, mechanically, using metal staples. The wool felt is also made mechanically, by pressing, without the use of harmful components, such as chemicals and glue. This is the core of the mattress that ensures comfort and good anatomical properties important for a healthy spine. At the end, pompons are added to the mattress structure to fix the layers. All the materials we use in the production are ecological and non-flammable. The company Mistral obtained certificates with a high durability grade for all the mattresses models.

Why are Mistral mattresses resistant to mold and do not retain moisture?

Except for being made of wool and cotton, which are natural and ecological materials, Mistral mattresses also have installed lateral vents for air circulation, which additionally guarantee optimum moisture inside the mattress, and this also prevents the development of mold, moisture and mites.
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