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Mattress Anti mosquito

Exceptionally comfortable
Acts against mosquitoes

Mattress Anti mosquito

Anti mosquito is a quality anatomical mattress with antiallergenic properties. It is special because of its coating linen that is treated with natural substances acting against mosquitoes. It has a vast application, and thanks to its properties, it is also suitable for children. It is made of Bonell core of 2.2 mm diameter, of 14 cm height.

Mattress filling: pressed fabric regenerate – felt 1500 g/m², millefiori wool 1500 gr/m², pure combed cotton 1500/m², the cover is made of woven cotton material with installed lateral vents for air circulation, guaranteeing optimum moisture inside the mattress, preventing the development of mites.

Mogućnosti izvedbe:
1) Standard rigidity Anti mosquito mattress
2) Increased rigidity Anti mosquito mattress
3) Anti mosquito mattress, of 19 cm height
4) Anti mosquito Lux mattress, of 23 cm height

5 years

Vezni pomponi
Oplemjenjena tkanina antimosquito obrada
Češljani pamuk
Termo prešani filc
Bonneli jezgra


In the process of connecting our mattresses, we do not use glue, but we connect the components mechanically, using pompons. The use of glue in the production of mattresses is unacceptable for us because of evaporation of harmful vapors that have a negative impact on health. No chemical substances are used in the entire process of mattresses production, including the production of its parts (wool and cotton).
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