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Mattress Lotus

Against arthritis
Prevents pressure ulcers
Lined with a layer of merino wool
Cools in summer, warms in winter
Releases the body from negative electricity
Anatomical, antiallergenic and antibacterial
Mechanically connected, without glue
Completely ecological materials
Without harmful evaporation

Mattress Lotus

Lotus is a special anatomical mattress of exceptional comfortableness with antiallergenic properties. It has been created from a selection of the best materials. It is filled with two layers of fleece wool, and covered with a layer of fine merino wool that anatomically follows body contours, absorbs body moisture, and provides a special feeling of comfort. This mattress is excellent for everyone with problems with allergies, or arthritis, it prevents pressure ulcers, and is an excellent temperature regulator, cooling in the summer, and heating in the winter. Earthed fabric with fine copper mesh is installed in it to release the body from negative electricity during sleep. It is made of Bonell core of 2.4 mm diameter, of 16 cm height.

Mattress filling: pressed fabric regenerate – felt 1500 g/m², fleece wool 1500 g/m², the cover is a combination of merino wool on one side, and cotton material on the other side, with installed lateral vents for air circulation, guaranteeing optimum moisture inside the mattress, preventing the development of mites.

Mogućnosti izvedbe:
1) Standard rigidity Lotus mattress
2) Increased rigidity Lotus mattress
3) Lotus mattress, of 26 cm height

10 years

Vezni pomponi
Merino vuna
Dva sloja bijele vune
Termo prešani filc
Bonneli jezgra
Dva sloja 100% pamuka


In the process of connecting our mattresses, we do not use glue, but we connect the components mechanically, using pompons. The use of glue in the production of mattresses is unacceptable for us because of evaporation of harmful vapors that have a negative impact on health. No chemical substances are used in the entire process of mattresses production, including the production of its parts (wool and cotton).
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