The company Mistral has set from the very beginning health and safety as its goal.

We do not go by passing trends, attempting to put everything into mass production, without compromise.

We have invested knowledge and effort into research and development of mattresses, and the result is that we are the only company in Croatia that produces mattresses with natural fillings for your complete safety.

Our products are made of natural and ecological materials with beneficial effect on the human being while sleeping, or resting.

Wool and cotton are our main and only fillings, and we have taken advantage of their unbelievable properties.

They are completely natural materials that absorb and release moisture easily, they actively react to temperature changes, they act as a thermal regulator, cooling in the summer, and heating in the winter; they prevent the development of microorganisms and fungi, and repel even mites.

Cotton and wool rarely cause allergic reactions.

Cotton is recommended for persons prone to allergies, and is also used for medical products such as gauzes and bandages.

The natural property of wool is that it is non-flammable.

Wool and cotton come from nature; as regards quality, durability and airiness they exceed synthetic fillings such as sponge and foams, and do not contain chemicals necessary for the production of synthetic fillings.

Comparing them to sponge and foam, they have no harmful effect on the health of the person sleeping.

Synthetic sponge is polyurethane, a chemical compound obtained from petroleum derivatives, which evaporates negative particles into air and influences the body when it is the most exposed and relaxed (the pores spread while we are sleeping).

Wool and cotton are durable materials, and after use, they are also biodegradable, and are renewable resources.

We believe that it is our duty to influence ecologically the wider community.

Natural properties of wool and cotton have been known from ancient times, and in combination with the finest fabrics, years-long experience, handmade fabrication, they give a unique, healthy, comfortable, and ecological product.

All the mattresses are anatomical, antiallergenic, antibacterial, and, which is very important, ecological.

Everyone can find in our offer mattresses suitable for apartments, hotels or your home.

Special attention has been paid to children and their health.

Everyday experiences and cooperation with leading companies that manufacture natural untreated materials have led to the final product that provides comfortable, and foremost, healthy dreams.

We cooperate with leading companies in the production of furniture in Croatia and in European Union countries.


Mattresses production process

The creation of a mattress begins with the bonding of thermo pressed felt to the Bonell core on both sides, mechanically, using metal staples.

The wool felt is also made mechanically, by pressing, without the use of harmful components, such as chemicals and glue.

This is the core of the mattress that ensures comfort and good anatomical properties important for a healthy spine.

On the top of the Bonell core, after the felt, the next layer is applied, which can be either wool or cotton, depending on the type of mattress.

This layer contributes to the comfortableness of the mattress and keeps the temperature under 37°C.

The bottom part of the mattress under the Bonell core and felt also consists of wool or cotton.

The next phase includes lining of mattress with non-flammable fabric along with placing a strip on the edges of the mattress and sewing.

At the end, pompons are added to the mattress structure to fix the layers.

All the materials we use in the production are ecological and non-flammable.

The company Mistral obtained certificates with a high durability grade for all the mattresses models.

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