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find out which product is right for you
Handmade mattresses
Natural and healthy filling (wool and cotton)
Without harmful evaporation
Anatomical, antiallergenic and antibacterial
Do not favor the development of mites and bacteria (without mold)
Produced in Croatia
Warranty up to 10 years
Completely ecological materials
Without utilization of chemical substances in the production process
Mechanically connected, without glue


In the process of connecting our mattresses, we do not use glue, but we connect the components mechanically, using pompons. The use of glue in the production of mattresses is unacceptable for us because of evaporation of harmful vapors that have a negative impact on health. No chemical substances are used in the entire process of mattresses production, including the production of its parts (wool and cotton).


I have studied the composition of mattresses for quite some time and I often encountered various fillings, foams, sponges and similar artificial materials. By accident, I stumbled upon Mistral mattresses on the Internet – they are made of completely natural fillings. I live healthy, I eat healthy, I buy ecologically grown food, and therefore I also want to sleep on a mattress made of natural and healthy materials such as wool and cotton. We changed all the mattresses in our house. I bought a new mattress for the double bed, a mattress for my older son Franko and a new mattress for the crib for my lovely daughter Vita. Now we all sleep well and have nice dreams.

Majda, Zagreb
I am 64 years old and I have undergone a surgery – I have an artificial hip. Going to bed and getting up from bed was a big problem for me, and I had been looking for a mattress that would suit my needs for a long time. My friends recommended me to try in Mistral Zadar, that is where they bought their mattress and finally got a good night’s rest. I went to check out the offer and I found out that they could make a mattress that will suit all my needs, that does not sag along the edges, and is not too rigid to sleep on. Now I can happily say that I have solved my problem thanks to the Mistral mattress.

Paula, Zadar
I thought all the mattresses were the same and I didn’t care what I was sleeping on. This spring, my wife and I went shopping for tourist mattresses because we were furnishing three new apartments, and we decided to buy a new mattress for our bed as well. At the seller’s recommendation, we bought the Antimosquito mattress. I though it was a joke, but now I am very happy because for the entire summer I have not been bitten by a mosquito in our bedroom. That mattress is truly incredible; it is made of materials and fibers that repel mosquitos with their scent. I love summer again.

Ivan, Pag
Since we have replaced our old mattress with the new Mistral mattress, I sleep much better and I feel much more rested when I get up in the morning. I am allergic to mites and in the past, I often had an onset of coughing in the morning. Now that I sleep on the new Mistral mattress, problems that I used to have with allergies have almost disappeared.

Maja, Zadar


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